How Do Chainsaw Pants Work?

How Do Chainsaw Pants Work

A chainsaw pant works just like the chaps; they both work to ensure a chainsaw does not hit the leg. Most people would prefer to use the chaps over the pants due to their apron-like …

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Why Chainsaw Cuts Crooked?

Why Chainsaw Cuts Crooked

Have you ever wondered why chainsaws cut crooked? Chainsaws are powerful tools that make trees falling and cutting firewood remarkably simple. However, even the most expensive and potent chainsaws might not always function as planned. …

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Should Chainsaw Chain Be Tight?

How Tight Should a Chainsaw Chain Be

Achieving the perfect tension for your chainsaw is essential and can be tricky. When your chainsaw chain gets too loose, it can drop away from the chainsaw, which could lead to a dangerous scenario as …

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Should a Chainsaw Blade Get Hot?

Should a Chainsaw Blade Get Hot

For cutting huge rounds of wood, a chainsaw is a piece of valuable and efficient equipment. The sharp cutting blades on the chain rotate quickly to achieve the appropriate cutting results. After a sawing session, …

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