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Meet Our Team

Chelsea Williams – Editor-in-Chief

Chelsea Williams is responsible for the entire editorial content, publication, growth, and strategies of the Top Ten Best Review. She works full-time on Top Ten Best Review and specializes in covering all things ranging from laptops, machinery, bikes, smartphones, tech gadgets and more.

She is a mother of four beautiful children, she lives with her husband, kids, and pets in Atlanta, Georgia. Her favorite hobbies are swimming, hiking, writing, photography, and anything that involves tech. Chelsea is passionate about her work and she has helped our audience with helpful, accurate, reliable and honest reviews.

Ethan Roberts – Content Director

Ethan Roberts is a senior editor at Top Ten Best Review. He assists in the editorial work of the website. Also, oversees the content is actively involved in the content production, distribution, and marketing process of TopTenBestReview.

He oversees the buying guides and product reviews and makes out time to create content for our audience. Ethan is an avid runner and an athlete, he’s always on the lookout for outdoor sports equipment to improve his fitness.

Claire Edwards – Assistant Editor

Claire is a product of New York University, where she studied and graduated with a degree in English literature and journalism. With over 2 decades of writing experience, Claire was hired as an editor for

She spends most of her time garnering data from reviewers and putting them into easy-to-read terms. She puts pen to paper to write on anything that crosses her mind. Claire has an artillery of expertise, skill, and knowledge due to her research methodology and hands-on experience.

Lindsay Spencer – Senior Writer

Lindsay is an editor at TopTenBestReview where she shares information about home improvement advice. Primarily, she gives us hints about home technology and how it can improve the overall appearance and condition of the home.

She has provided home improvement advice for lots of readers over the course of the past 13 years. Additionally, Lindsay has been cited in several publications including Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune,, and many more.

Andrew Wood – Senior Writer

Andrew is responsible for bringing you the best deals on smart home gadgets, running gear, laptops, and gadgets. He also covers men’s fashion, healthy living along with indoors and outdoors products.

His articles have helped thousands of men with body grooming. He provides tips for beard care, growth, and grooming. You wanna look classic? Then, call on Andrew to help you groom and style your appearance.

Charlotte Hutchingson – Senior Writer

Charlotte is a stylist by profession. As a fashionista, she is enthusiastic about Women’s style, clothing, and fashion. Her love for fashion began after watching fashion shows on YouTube, Vogue, and MTVBase. She believes that the power of women rests in their beauty.

Charlotte sees herself as a catalyst in the fashion world. She has her fashion design imprint ‘Glamour House’ and she aims to be at the pinnacle of the world’s best fashion brands. Basically, when she’s not talking about fashion, she is either writing songs, doing gardening, work or watching the TV for entertainment shows. Charlotte keeps up abreast of the latest trends and development in the fashion industry.

Mike Roberts – Staff Writer

Referred to a gaming encyclopedia, Mike is a gaming expert who is enthusiastic about gaming, mobile, computing, telecom, and home entertainment technology. He previously worked as a freelance writer for PC Gamer, LaptopMag and T3 before joining the TopTenBestReview editorial team.

When he isn’t digging for the latest gaming and computing content, Mike can be found playing PlayStation games. As a gaming expert, he covers the latest news & deals in the computing, mobile and gaming industry.

Craig Barrymore – Staff Writer/Data Analytics

Craig is a writer for TopTenBestReview. He has more than 7 years of experience as an educator and product review specialist. He is passionate about testing various products, he tries out new products and gets useful information from verified buyers.

He uses social media and digital forums to collect data from hundreds of buyers. Craig earned a B.A in journalism from Columbia University in 2010 and has a Masters in Communication from the University of Georgia.

Isabel Rusell – Staff Writer

Isabel Rusell is obsessed with cooking. She writes about food and nutrition. In the morning, Ms. Rusell can be found in the kitchen preparing meals and testing food recipes. She has worked as a chef, cook and recipe producer. In addition, she has written lots of articles about food, nutrition, supplement, and general body health.

Her works and contributions have provided our readers with food recipes and tips on how to cook. On this website, Isabel Rusell showcases her cooking skills and also gives us insights on how to prepare crispy meals.

Nicholas Gates – Staff Writer

Nicholas is from the United Kingdom but has lived in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada before moving to the United States in 2014. He is a writer for TopTenBestReview and he specializes in creating content about fitness.

In fact, he is an outdoor enthusiast and he has published 100s of articles on combat sports, running, cycling, hiking, and camping. Besides that, he uses his experience along with data from several sources to present useful information to our audience.

Derek Taylor – Staff Writer

Derek Taylor is a digital nomad who spends time traveling the world to get the latest digital news and trends as they drop. He covers everything from travel to hotels and cars to bikes. Additionally, he has a bunch of cameras that he uses to take photos of his adventures.

Derek hails from Florida but he maintains a digital nomadic lifestyle, which makes him visit places far from home. He loves traveling and visiting new places, and he is allowed to work from works remotely from the countries where he visits. In addition, Derek is a digital marketing expert, he helps to grow and expands online businesses.

Owen Cornell – Staff Writer

Owen Cornell is an editor for TopTenBestReview who covers various sets of cool gadgets including wireless earbuds, gaming mice, microphones, headphones, keyboards, and more. He also loves drones, TVs, and security cameras. Aside from this, Owen is a fan of blockchain technology. Owen hails from Seattle, Washington and he is an avid believer of technology.