Do Air Fryers Use Microwaves?

In this article, we’ll explore the difference between air fryers and microwaves, as well as try to answer the question “do air fryers use microwaves?”

Before diving in it’s important to note that there are a lot of misconceptions about what an air fryer actually is.

There has been a massive influx of new cooking appliances hitting the market recently which have similar features but fall into different categories.

In our opinion, an “air fryer” is just another name for a kitchen appliance that uses rapid hot-air circulation to cook food from all sides.

If you think that sounds like a traditional convection oven then you’re on the right track! However, because so many other types of countertop appliances also employ hot-air circulation technology, we’ll introduce these similar appliances by their specific name to avoid confusion.

The first thing you should know is that while air fryers are often called “air cookers”, they do not use microwaves in order to heat food. If the appliance uses microwaves then it’s actually called a microwave oven.

So long as an appliance doesn’t utilize microwaves it can be accurately be described as using hot air, fan, or convection technology. We hope this clears up any lingering confusion!

A model of Philips’ HD9240/94 Avance Collection Air Fryer features three separate cooking modes. The deep fry setting crisps your favorite fried foods with 80 percent less fat than traditional methods–no need for messy oil or grease. The air fry setting uses rapid hot-air circulation to cook anything from sides and snacks to desserts. Lastly, there’s a roast mode that can be used for whole chickens or racks of ribs.

This shows the primary difference between air fryers and microwaves: they use different technologies! A microwave oven will emit electromagnetic waves (microwaves) in order to heat your food up quickly whereas an air fryer emits hot air through convection technology.

What about those other appliances?

There are many types of kitchen appliances that also employ hot-air circulation technology including traditional convection ovens, steam ovens, dehydrators, and more! If it cooks using rapid hot-air circulation then you can call it an “air cooker” or “air fryer” (same difference).

Some manufacturers of hot-air circulation ovens have begun heavily marketing their products as air fryers, perhaps to cash in on the more popularized term. However, if an appliance doesn’t use microwaves there’s no way it can be accurately called a microwave oven – this includes all traditional convection ovens!

If you think of these appliances as interchangeable, then air fryers might seem like just another type of convection oven whereas microwaves are just one type of microwave oven. We hope this clears up any remaining confusion about what exactly an air fryer is and how it differs from other countertop appliances.

If you’re interested in learning more about conventional convection ovens vs. air fryers, we’ve written a comprehensive article here for you to know the best option for you.

You just learned that air fryers definitely don’t use microwaves and only use hot-air technology in order to cook your food! Do you think an air fryer would be a good addition to your kitchen?

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