How Do Chainsaw Pants Work?

A chainsaw pant works just like the chaps; they both work to ensure a chainsaw does not hit the leg. Most people would prefer to use the chaps over the pants due to their apron-like design, making them easy to put on and off.

However, in some operations where you would be required to climb, a chap cannot be used, and it is only wise to use a chainsaw pant in such operations as it offers full protection to the leg due to its design.

This article has answered some frequently asked questions about how chainsaw pants work and other things to know about chainsaw pants.

Are Chainsaw Pants Necessary?

You may try to be extra careful when using your chainsaw to prevent injuries from occurring. However, it is better to be safe than sorry, so wearing chainsaw-protective clothing is of the essence. Chainsaw pants help to protect the legs from getting injured during chainsaw operations.

However, due to its alternative, the chainsaw chaps, the pants are rarely used, making people ask: “is it necessary to use chainsaw pants when a chainsaw chap has got me covered?” It is important to note that a chainsaw chap cannot be used in all operations.

Operations that involve you climbing cannot be done with a chap due to its apron-like design, making the pants necessary. The necessity of chainsaw pants depends solely on you and the operation to be handled.

How Do Chainsaw Pants Work?

A chainsaw pant is similar to a chap in that it contains elongated Kevlar fibers that stop a moving chain right in its track. A chainsaw pant works by halting a chain, preventing it from cutting through the leg of the user.

Chainsaw pants have elongated fiber materials in them. When a chainsaw gets hit by a hard surface of wood, it kicks back, making contact with the pants. On contact with the chainsaw pant, the area of the pant that gets hit cuts open, releasing ballistic fibers onto the chainsaw chain. These fibers jam the chains and stop them from cutting deep through to the leg of the user.

Can you reuse a chainsaw pant after it is cut? 

Chainsaw pants, when hit, become useless. When the chainsaw pant has performed its protective function, its integrity drops as the packed fibers release, making the pants unsafe to reuse.

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Chainsaw Pants Vs. Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw pants and chaps both perform the same function of protecting the legs. However, they have their differences.

First, chainsaw pant is also known as type C chainsaw clothing in the US, NZL, and AUS, and type A chainsaw clothing in Canada. This protective clothing is designed as a pant worn while at work with the chainsaw.

How Do Chainsaw Trousers Work

Due to the design of the chainsaw pants, it provides full protection to the legs and so can be used in many operations, including operations that require you to climb. A chainsaw pant is rated according to its ability to stop a spinning chainsaw right on its track.

The rating of the chainsaw pants ranges from 0 to 3. According to the rule of thumb, ” the higher the speed of chainsaw required to be stopped, the higher the rating of the pants to be used.”

This means that a pant with a rating of 0 should be used when using a chainsaw with a lower speed, and the pant with a rating of 3 should be used when using a chainsaw with a very high speed. Note: Ensure to check the speed of your chainsaw before getting a chainsaw pant to use.

Advantages of Chainsaw Pants

The two main advantages of chainsaw pants are as follows:

  1. There is no snagging hazard, so chainsaw pants can be used for climbing operations.
  2. Chainsaw pants provide full protection to the legs and are not restricted to just some operations.

Disadvantages of Chainsaw Pants

  1. Not an easy on, easy off wear. Once put on for the day, a chainsaw pant cannot be removed just after the operation.
  2. Some chainsaw pants cannot be used in hot weather.
  3. It is relatively expensive.

Chainsaw chaps are also known as type A chainsaw clothing in the US, NZL, and AUS, and type C chainsaw clothing in Canada. It has an apron-like design and offers protection to the front part of the leg.

Just like the chainsaw pants, the chainsaw chaps are rated from 0 to 3, and each rated chap performs the same functions as the pant with its rating.

Advantages of Chainsaw Chaps

  1. Easy on, easy off wear. Chainsaw chaps can be used for quick operations and can easily be put off when such an operation is completed.
  2. Chainsaw chaps can be used in hot weather due to the air allowance at the back.
  3. It is readily available and affordable.

Disadvantages of Chainsaw Chaps

  1. Snagging hazard is likely to occur if a chap is used for climbing operations, so this wear cannot be used in operations requiring you to climb.
  2. Chainsaw chaps only protect the anterior part of the legs, so this wear is restricted to some operations.

Is It Worth Getting a Chainsaw Pant Over a Chap?

Getting a chainsaw pant over a chap solely depends on you and the kind of operations that you do. If you do mainly grounded and quick operations, it is better to save costs and get a chap to handle them.

However, if you deal with heavy-duty work and climbing operations, getting chainsaw pants would be worth getting over a chainsaw chap.


A chainsaw pant works just like a chainsaw chap in that they both function to protect the leg from injury while using a chainsaw. However, they differ in design, making one be preferred over the other.

We advise that you choose the protective wear to use based on the operations you handle with a chainsaw. If you handle operations that involve you standing on the ground in a balanced position, then go for the chainsaw chaps with a rating ranging from 0-3, depending on the speed of your chainsaw.

However, if you handle operations that require you to stand in an awkward position or one that involves climbing, then use the chainsaw pant with a rating that suits the speed of your chainsaw.

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