How To Clean A Dirty Glass Stove Top

If you must maintain a healthy kitchen lifestyle, you need to know the proper way to use kitchen utensils. One of the utensils you’d find in modern kitchens is the glass top gas stove. Among other cooktop instruments in the kitchen and cooking industry, the glass top stoves are dominant and popular. Ever wondered why they are preferred among buyers, the reason is that it gives loads of benefits and advantages for home cooking.

The sad truth is that glass top gas stoves are poorly maintained and most of them aren’t used the right way. Due to this, it may get scratched or even damaged. Damages will reduce the durability and quality of the stove.

We have prepared a guide to help you to clean and maintain your glass top stoves. We strongly believe that this post will help you to know the benefits of installing glass top stoves in your kitchen. Also, through this article, you will get ideas on choosing the perfect glass top cookware to use in your home.

Advantages Of Installing Glass Top Stoves

Generally, glass cooktops are completely safe for cooking, which makes it a better choice and alternative for anyone who desires a healthy kitchen lifestyle. These stoves are designed with heat reluctant tempered glass which is known as heat-treated glass.

No doubt, you will enjoy the full benefits of installing glass top stoves when you get a quality glass top stove cookware.

Another reason why quality glass top stoves are better than other cooktops in the market is that they are durable. They are constructed with sturdy materials that make them stand the test of time. A glass top stove assures you of a healthy kitchen lifestyle.

How To Protect Your Glass Top Stoves

Glass top stoves need to be protected and maintained if there are to be used for a long period of time. You can protect your glass top stove from cast iron and other casualties that might arise in the process of cooking. We have recommended some protective measures to help you protect your glass top stoves and also make them last longer.

Using Appropriate Cookware

One of the things that you need to do to protect the top of the stove is to use the cookwares designed and made for glass top stoves. The commonly asked questions we receive from people is ‘How can I protect my glass top stove from cast iron? It is obvious that cast iron cookware can damage the glass stovetop.

So, what you need to do to protect your glass top stove from cast iron is to avoid cast iron cookware. The cast-iron cookware is very rough and strong, it can roughen the smoothness of the stove.


Be careful about how you move pots, plates and other cookware items on the stovetop. Move your cookware items gently, don’t move them too quickly or roughly because doing so will leave scratches on the glass cooktop.

Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners

Avoid using metal pads or abrasive cleaners on the cooktop. Abrasive cleaners leave scratches on the surface.

The best way to clean your glass stovetop is to use a soft cloth, napkin or sponge. This minimizes the probability of scratching on the glass.

Additional Tips

  • Most importantly, make sure that you do not drag heavy pots over the stovetop because it can damage the top of the stove. Also, keep the bottom part of your pots clean. This will help to keep the top of the stove clean as well.
  • A dirty and oily bottom of pans are parts of the reasons for the greasy effect of the cooktop. Therefore, ensure that you keep the bottom part of your woks and pans clean and oil-free.
  • Similarly, sugar substances can make the glass cooktop look pale. It is very difficult to take off the spot of sugar substances on glass stovetops. As a result, try as much as possible to clean these substances when you see them.

How To Clean A Glass Top Stove

how to clean a glass top stove

In order to keep the original look of your glass top stove, you have to ensure that it is cleaned regularly. Frequent cleaning will make the stove look clean and classic. We have provided you with safe and effective ways to clean a glass top stovetop.

Baking Soda

You can clean a glass stove top with baking soda; this can save you from buying expensive products in the long run. Baking soda is an effective cleaning solution, it can be used to clean the countertop and other cooking appliances such as bread machines.

Avoid using baking soda with white vinegar. You will not get the best result when you mix both substances because of the abnormal production of volcano fizz. Therefore, ensure that you use them separately so as to get the perfect result.

Coating With Baking Soda

Baking soda is quite effective and better than other products purchased in the market. They are natural cleaning agents. The reaction of mild alkali in baking soda helps to destroy the dirt and grit completely. It can also be used to scrub glass top stoves, it keeps the glass clean without marks and scratches.

Hot Towel

You can consider using a hot damp towel to remove the oil and loosening the crud on the glass. Soak the towel in a bowl of hot water and allow it to dampen properly.

After this, place the towel above the glass of the stove. Leave it for a period of 10-20 minutes. This is an easy process that must be done when the glass stove is cool. You may harm yourself if you try to do it when the glass top stove is hot and the towel can be melted up in the process.

Wiping Down

You can wipe off dirt and debris from the glass stove top with vinegar. This is the perfect way to remove debris, dirt, and germs. You can use it as a spray. Spray vinegar properly over the stovetop and wipe it off with a soft cloth, sponge or napkin. It is not complex, isn’t it?

This procedure lessens the spot of the burner and it smoothens the stove’s surface. Make sure that you use a damp rag or napkin to wipe down the stovetop. Doing this will remove the relics on the surface.

Vinegar and baking soda are cheap but they do not leave cheap results, they will help you greatly in keeping your glass top stove clean.


Baking soda is another element that can be used to scrub your glass top stove. Sprinkle baking soda on the glass top stove and use a hot damp towel to clean the dirt.

Rinse and wring the napkin/towel properly until the sprinkled baking soda is completely removed. After that, scrub the entire surface gently. This will remove all the grime, grease and dirt.


Probably, while cooking dinner, some part of the food got burnt on the glass top stove. Are you looking for a way to remove burnt food off your glass stovetop? If yes, then you need to scrape the surface.

Although scraping is the panacea but you must be careful about how you scrape the surface of the glass. You have to be very careful when doing this and most importantly, do it gently.

Get a scraper (we recommend razor blade) for scraping. Scraping should be done when the stove is in a damp state. Scraping shouldn’t be done with the stove is dry. Also, it is the ideal solution for removing tough and stubborn burnt foods on the top of your stove. However, it could spoil the outward beauty and appearance of the stove.

Make sure that you are not to quick or fast to scrap on the glass. If you do so, the scrapper will leave scratches and marks on it. Do it slowly and gently so as to retain the beauty of your glass top stoves.


This is the last thing to do after cleaning your glass top stove. After cleaning, make sure that you do not forget to polish the top of your stove. You can use a damp cloth, rag, towel or napkin for polishing.

After polishing with a damp towel, polish the top of the stove again, this time around with a dry cloth. This will make your glass top stove to shine like that of a daffodil.


how to sanitize glass top stove

Cleaning the glass top stove isn’t a difficult thing to do, however, you need to know the right way to do it. Proper cleaning of your kitchen utensils is a good way of maintaining it. We have provided you with all you should know about keeping a glass stovetop clean. Apart from cleaning, we recommend you to get more ideas on how to clean and maintain your glass stovetop cookware.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with a guideline and a step-by-step procedure of cleaning a glass top stove. So, use it to maintain and clean your glass cooktop from dirt, grease, debris, oil, and grime.

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