How To Clean Your Bread Machine

One of the things you must do to enjoy long-term bread baking is to keep your bread machine clean. Cleaning a bread maker isn’t fun at all. We’ve prepared a simple tutorial that provides you with all the guidelines you need in keeping your bread maker clean and neat.

Virtually everyone loves to kickstart his day with a taste of a hot delicious slice of baked bread. However, no one will like to do the cleaning process, because it can be tedious.

As a matter of fact, cleaning a bread machine is not a cumbersome task, it has to be done in the right way. If you keep your bread machine clean and stick with the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer, you will surely enjoy your bread machine, especially for a long period of time.

Since the bread maker is an electronic appliance, you have to be fully conscious of what you are doing to prevent electrocution. Unplug the unit from the electric switch. Dip a damp cloth in vinegar and wipe the outer parts of the machine.

First, look for a small paintbrush or an old toothbrush on the bread maker. Gently sweep the nooks and the floor crumbs of the machine. Ensure that the brush is not wet. You can get a soft sponge, dip it in warm soapy water to use on non-stick surfaces.

No matter how tempted you are, ensure that you do not use any hard or scratching material on your bread maker. This will clash with the coasting which in turn will affect the overall performance of the device. Therefore, you must be cautious not to cause a spill inside the machine.

Furthermore, be slow and meticulous when cleaning the heating element. You can make use of a microfiber cloth to wipe and keep it dry. Repeat this process slowly until it is neat. Clean the dough hooks and the bread pan with a soapy rag by wiping the interior.

Next, allow the hook to dry in the air. You may have issues or encounter problems with the stuck loaf, if this happens, kindly soak the affected part for a period of 15 to 20 minutes and wash gently. Ensure that you do not use any scrubber or steel wool because this can destroy the non-stick coating.

Tips for Keeping Your Bread Maker Clean

We have added some useful tips on how you can maintain your bread maker and keep it clean frequently. Kindly take note of the following:

  • Do not wash your bread maker when it is still plugged into an electric switch. Do not be in a hurry to clean the bread machine, unplug it to prevent the chances of electrocution and other injuries.
  • Do not use a ball of steel wool, scrub brush or any other abrasive material that is likely to scratch the surface and damage the coating of the device.
  • Do not rinse the interior of your bread machine with water. This is because the water may flow into the circuitry and therefore, it will destroy the machine and render it useless.
  • Even if some parts of the bread machine are dishwasher safe, use a damp soft cloth to wash the device. So not make the mistake of dipping it in water. When you use a damp rag to wash the machine, it will maintain its original look and also last longer for future use.
  • If you want to clean the bread machine immediately after baking, allow the pan to stay for some time to cool off before washing it. In the same vein, do not wait too long before washing the machine. Keeping it clean helps in maintaining its original look.
  • At times, you may notice some dirt or things stuck on the pan and do not come out after washing it consecutively. You may be tempted to use force on it or use harsh tools to wipe it. Resist such temptation, and ensure that you do not use heavier tools or use force to clean the machine.
  • Be cautious when cleaning the interior of your bread machine so that you do not bend or damage the heating element.
  • Most importantly, ensure that you allow the removable attachments to dry completely before reassembling them into the bread maker.

A bread maker needs to be maintained either by cleaning it or handling it with care. Most of the time, you may rough handle your bread machine, which in turn damages the device. We believe that this guide has provided you with useful hints on keeping your bread machine clean, feel free to share with friends.

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